Restored 1969 Firebird Is An Unexpected Supercharged Sleeper

Jan 25, 2019 2 min read
Restored 1969 Firebird is an Unexpected Supercharged Sleeper

It’s far from common to find a first-generation F-Body in this condition. Usually plastered with lashings of modifications, this one is different – and all the better for it

When it comes to early Firebirds, there are typically two directions people take with their F-body: restore it to showroom condition or adapt the muscle car for street/drag racing prowess.

While it certainly does happen, it’s not often that you stumble across a 1969 Firebird in flawlessly restored condition. It remains rarer still to find a blower hidden under the hood, along with supporting modifications to boot. Yet, that's the exact description of the example we just ran across for sale.

There are a few things to note about this car before diving into things that give it some extra grunt. First thing – it appears to be a Trans Am clone. Back in 1969, cars weren’t given a VIN that broke information down specifically with trim levels or engine options.  It’s also important to mention that this is not a perfect car, it does have some paint chips and things of the sort, but the restoration was definitely completed to very high professional standards.

Restored 1969 Firebird is a Unexpected Supercharged Sleeper

The seller bought the car in this condition four years ago. Prior to that, the F-Body was restored 13 years back, installed with a stroked 467ci Poncho engine (bonus points for not being LS-swapped) force-fed by a Paxton blower.

Outfitted with a FiTech Go EFI 8 fuel injection system, MSD ignition and distributor, upgraded radiator, and throaty exhaust, the extra mechanical support gives the beefy engine dollops of extra performance.

Backing the engine is a Tremec TKO 600 five-speed manual transmission that funnels power to a 3.55:1 geared posi-traction rearend, where 610-horsepower and 690 lbs-ft of torque then meet the rear wheels.

Interestingly enough, when sorting through feedback about the car, the biggest complaint in the slightly larger 18-inch aftermarket wheels, with one person citing they prefer the 'purity of form'. However, the car’s powertrain is already a bit of a contradiction to the show car appearance, but then again, that’s a marker of a great restomod build.

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