One-Off 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix Has Only 176 miles From New

Jan 25, 2019 2 min read
1. 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix with only 123 miles from new

This 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix is unique. Built as a bespoke factory model with one-off trim, it's also covered only 176 miles in 42 years. Ready for a bit of time travel? The Pontiac is for sale now!

Turn the clock back to 1977. Elvis Presley has only a few months to live, New York will soon suffer a 25-hour blackout and Jimmy Carter has taken the reins of Presidency from predecessor Gerald Ford. To the sounds of Saturday Night Fever, this unique Pontiac Grand Prix rolls out the factor gates into a world were gas costs 65 cents per gallon. Except, unlike every other car on the production line that day, this vehicle will spend its life in storage.

Whereas most cars from the time were destined for recycling, this 1977 Grand Prix currently boasts immaculate bodywork, pristine cabin trim and an odometer reading of only 176 miles. That’s 4.1 miles per year.

Having been a special order by a dealer during the tail-end of the model year, the Pontiac has been carefully stored for sake of preservation. Located in Bernville, Pennsylvania, the timewarp vehicle is now up for sale on eBay. Don’t think that such retro provenance comes cheap, however.

Bidding has currently reached $27,755 – and the reserve hasn't yet been met. That might seem like an eye-watering figure for such a vehicle, but the Pontiac allows the closest you’ll ever get to time travel. Besides 100% originality, the interior still holds that 1970s’ new car smell.

Unique 127-mile 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix

The story goes that Alex Mayor, Pontiac Division Chief, offered the original franchise dealer – Peter Irish Pontiac – an offer he couldn’t refuse. With the purchase of nine new Pontiac models, the factory would build him a one-off Grand Prix in yellow with contrasting red interior.

Screaming of all the fashion faux-pas committed by 1970s car design, the 5.7-litre V8 Pontiac was ordered with every available factory option. However, as an end-of-the-line example, some of the requested features couldn’t be delivered; although the advert doesn’t state which features are missing.

After display in the dealership, the bespoke Grand Prix was slotted into the A to Z Autorama museum before moving to the current vendor’s residence – where it has remained ever since.

By the looks of things, the original tires are still fitted, although we wouldn’t recommend travelling on them. It’ll take more than some new rubber to get this beast back on tarmac though – you’ll want to strip down the gearbox and engine after such a time barely used.

The mileage may be ridiculously low, but time will have ensured various gaskets and seals have perished. Not to mention the brake and fuel lines. Question is, should you be the winning bidder, would you dare add to the mileage? Get a closer look here.

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