The Perfect First Toyota FJ40 Is This 1966 Land Cruiser

Oct 7, 2019 2 min read
The Perfect First Toyota FJ40 Is This 1966 Land Cruiser

Affordable, clean, and ready to ride.

Getting into vintage off-roaders can be a little rough. There is the classic choice of a vintage Willy or CJ Jeep, and if you want something a little more interesting, you can sang an old Defender, or even an early model G Wagon. But of all the classic rock crawlers out there, the Toyota FJ40 has to be one of the most iconic and reliable. Of course, the hardest part of getting a classic desert runner isn’t choosing which machine to take home. It’s finding one worth owning that doesn’t cost three kidneys and a magical owl. That is what makes this 1966 Toyota FJ40 we found so impressive.

Thanks to cheap and sturdy stamped steel construction, many of these old beasts have long succumbed to the demons of oxidation. If you can find one that isn’t completely eaten with rust, it’s likely been beaten to within an inch of its mechanical life. That’s the funny thing about rugged off-roaders; people tend to take them off-road and subject to immense amounts of abuse. To find out that this particular FJ40 is a clean Arizona car with nary a sign of rust or excessive wear is surprising to say the least. But it turns out it is just a two-owner car and it has been well taken care of and even upgraded a bit. Under the hood is a more modern Toyota F155 straight-six engine that is bolted to a three-speed manual transmission. Even the axles are relatively new.

Visually, the car has been lightly refreshed with a full repaint in factory desert tan, complete with those epic vintage red, orange, and yellow stripes. The factory wheels and hub caps are shod in chunky 33-inch BFG tires, so this thing is ready to point at any dune or trail you wish. If you prefer to ride with a little more wind in your hair, just pop off the quick-release hard top. Be careful how you store it though. You wouldn’t want to harm that shiny white paint across the top.

We’re sure you’re looking at this truck and wondering if it’s worth calling your local black-market salesman to inquire about the current going rate for kidneys. But you don’t have to worry. For some reason, the asking price of this nostalgia wagon is just $21,900. If anyone wanted a good investment piece, you’d be hard pressed to find a better choice. If you need this FJ40 Land Cruiser in your garage, call Vintage Cruisers soon. This FJ40 won’t last long.

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