Own A Piece Of Pace Car History With This Incredible Camaro

Sep 27, 2019 2 min read
Own A Piece Of Pace Car History With This Incredible Camaro

More American than apple pie!

For a new generation of racing fans, there are few things as iconic or American as a Chevrolet Corvette pace car for the Indy 500. In the last five decades there have been sixteen different Corvettes parading around the Indy 500. However, when it comes to Chevy’s history of Indy pace cars, it is not the Corvette that deserves all the historic adoration, but rather the humble Camaro.

Own A Piece Of Pace Car History With This Incredible Camaro

Back in the glory days of racing in the 60s and 70s, it was a wild and wonderful time where auto manufacturers fought over who would snag the prestigious spot at the front of the line for the 500. While there have been dozens of Chevrolets at the front of the line for Indy, and dozens more from General Motors proper, it was only 1967 when the first proper Chevy was at the pointy end of the Indy Car spear.

The brand took an even greater step towards glory in 1969 when it campaigned a Camaro SS as the pace car for the historic race. Since that iconic 1969 car, complete with those legendary orange stripes rolled across the bricks, Chevy has consistently pushed the mark with its Pace Cars using the car to showcase some of its greatest performance machines of all time.

Own A Piece Of Pace Car History With This Incredible Camaro

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a piece of that historic muscle car magic, grab yourself a plane ticket to San Francisco Sports Cars to check out this pristine 69 pace car for sale, or arrange to have it brought right to your garage. With less than 35,000 miles on the clock, this Camaro is pristine. From the white paint, to the orange stripes, and even the louvered headlight covers, this car looks showroom clean.

And while it may seem like a sin to many, we suggest you forget about the low mileage status of this icon, drop that convertible top, and point the hood toward the rising sun on a crisp weekend morning. Then just drive, and drive, and drive. This legend was built to be enjoyed, so hit the ignition on that 350 small block, kick the clutch, and go enjoy this most American of machines.

Check it out here to take it home for $69,995, or make an offer now.

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