Own An All-Original 1926 Oldsmobile Model 30E For Under $30K

Nov 1, 2019 2 min read
Own An All-Original 1926 Oldsmobile Model 30E For Under $30K

This true survivor has under $6,000 miles and a mysteriously dark past.

Many people think a truly classic car is out of their financial reach, wrongly assuming one can’t be had for less than six digits. That’s absolutely not the case, as is clearly demonstrated with this 1926 Oldsmobile Model 30E. This American classic is being sold by Classic Auto Showplace for under $30,000, making it quite attainable for many collectors.

Own An All-Original 1926 Oldsmobile Model 30E For Under $30K

One of the big things you want to look for when getting a collector vehicle is a known, documented history. This Olds most definitely has one. For starters, it only has 5,710 original miles, at least according to the stories, which at first seems literally unbelievable. But then you learn this car was put into storage from 1929 to 1974 and it starts to make more sense.

Back in the day, Oldsmobiles were known for being attractive, fun-to-drive, and reliable. Today it’s hard to get a sense for what the cars were, because those which are still around have been restored to beyond factory specs. However, this survivor is almost completely original, giving a rare glimpse into how the vehicles were in their time.

When this 30E was built, it was a high-water mark for the Oldsmobile brand. The company made 53,015 vehicles that year, showing it was a true market force. This one was miraculously preserved through the Great Depression and all the way until Jerry Farber, a professional photographer and car nut, bought it in 1974.

Just why the car was stashed away for so long isn’t entirely clear, but the buckshot damage over the driver’s door and blood spatter on the interior likely mean it was the scene of a crime. Ditching it where the car wouldn’t be disturbed was likely a matter of self-preservation for someone.

The straight-six flathead under the cowling is all-original, including the Carter updraft carb. A three-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel-only brakes, and an interior flower vase are all included. You can see the spare tire is not exactly functional. This vehicle is absolutely fascinating, a time capsule on wheels. Someone with a true appreciation for what it is should become the new owner.

This Oldsmobile has been profiled by Hemmings, it’s just that amazing. The fact you can own it for such an affordable price is outstanding, but this is the kind of opportunity you’ll probably regret not going for. If you have questions about the purchase process, contact Classic Auto Showplace.

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