New Ferrari Premium Program Certifies Strong Maintenance

Apr 24, 2019 2 min read
Ferrari Premium Program

New marque certification program to honor well maintained vehicles

Buying a Ferrari is the dream of many people, but there are many realities to face if you are lucky enough to obtain a Prancing Horse of your own. These specialized vehicles need the love and attention they deserve, but sometimes that’s difficult to ascertain when buying one. Ferrari’s new Premium Program grants eligible cars with certification, giving future custodians peace of mind.

Intended to bolster Ferrari’s already impressive three year (four year in the UK) warranty and seven years of free maintenance, the Premium Program certifies that all scheduled and preventative maintenance has been carried out. It encompasses everything from oil changes to recalls and aims to preserve each Ferrari’s performance, reliability, and safety. The program will substitute parts that naturally wear over time and gives owners access to special prices on things such as fuel, lubrication, hydraulic power steering, and braking systems.

Ferrari Premium Program

The Ferrari Premium Program is open to a wide range of models from GT cars such as the luxurious 612 Scaglietti, to icons such as the Ferrari Enzo. Ferrari’s full list of eligible models includes the 456 GT / GTA, 456 M GT / GTA, 550 Maranello, 550 Barchetta, every variant of the 360 Modena, 575 Maranello, 575 Superamerica, 612 Scaglietti, all F430s, 599 GTB Fiorano, 599 SA Aperta, 599 GTO, and Enzo. We’d imagine that collectors of the future will be keen to see such vehicles come complete with this certification for reassurance and completeness.

Owners who decide to take part in the Premium Program will also have access to Ferrari Classiche certification upon the 20th anniversary of their vehicle’s registration. Classiche certification is an in-house service that verifies the authenticity of a Ferrari via the Italian marque’s historical records.

Ferrari Premium Program

Ferrari offers a wide range of extensive warranties for owners of its cars up to 15 years old, but the new Premium Program will certainly add to a model’s desirability on the secondhand market.

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