Museum Of Speed Closes, Puts Cars Up For Sale

Jun 5, 2019 1 min read
Museum Of Speed Closes, Puts Cars Up For Sale

This is quite the collection!

The Mt. Dora, Florida’s famed Museum Of Speed has closed its doors, and is now selling off their inventory. This is an excellent chance to get your hands on actual museum cars with historical backgrounds that have made their way into the collection.

Over the last 16 years of being open the collection of the museum has grown to include cars, as well as tons of pieces of automobilia.

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The cars themselves have come from the business running in conjunction with Classic Dream Cars, founded and owned by Kerry Bogard. He designed the building in 2000 in Mt. Dora, after operating in four locations prior since 1989.

Bogard said that the business was focused on rare, one-off, unique, and perfect originals - anything a serious collector would be drawn to. He has essentially ran the museum with the help of a few volunteers.

“I love what I do, and I wanted to share the antiques,” he said, “It’s kind of a long, gnarly story. I just kept tiddlywinking cars and putting all the car money back into the collection.  It started in my garage, and just kept getting bigger and bigger.”

Bogard will continue to own around a dozen cars from the collection for his own - sorting them in at home in his eight car garage as the Museum Of Speed building has been sold, and the rest of the inventory will be sold out until the build is clear. The new owner is going to be used as a mountain bike retail and repair shop.

Inquiries about the cars and automobilia can be taken at (352) 385-1945, (352) 385-0049 or at

Source: Classic Cars Journal/Museum Of Speed

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