M5 Rivalling CTS-V Has A Davenport Supercharger And 738 Horsepower

Jun 5, 2019 2 min read
M5 Rivalling CTS-V Has A Davenport Supercharger And 738 Horsepower

This 2011 Cadillac was once a record breaking machine on the Nurburgring in stock form, now it has an additional 181 horsepower to contend with.

The CTS was Cadillac’s answer to the European sedans like BMW’s 5 Series or Mercedes’ E-Class. Like both rivals, Cadillac cooked up a performance orientated one with a supercharger, and it looks something like this, the CTS-V.

This particular car, offered by Adrenalin Motors, is a second generation model having been built in 2011 and has a 6.2 liter V8 nestled under that muscular looking hood. The same engine, in fact, as the then recently unveiled ZR1 Corvette, the LS9. From the factory these bits of kit spat out 556 horsepower thanks to that roaring LSA Eaton blower. It even broke a Nurburgring lap record in 2010, so it’s pretty damn quick.

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Although it’s rivals have four doors, this one is the coupe and it certainly suits it. Perhaps more intriguing is the magic that has occurred under the hood. This is not ordinary CTS-V.

If the record breaking car with 556 horsepower seemed a tad tame to you, perhaps an additional 181 horsepower may do the trick? With 738 horsepower, this is sure to be an absolute weapon on both street and track, for this is a Davenport supercharged version.

A carbon fibre air intake takes care of breathing abilities, whilst some exceptionally attractive 20inch HRE performance rims give it a stance the factory simply couldn’t provide. Although unstated, a performance exhaust assists breathing further, albeit in a tasteful fashion to allow daily use.

Naturally being a modern car, swathes of technology await inside, with multiple suspension settings for every possible scenario, along with all the suede and leather that a Cadillac deserves.

With 17,902 kilometres on the odometer (translating to just 11,123 miles) we are uncertain of the CTS-V’s origins, but rest assured that it’s in near new condition having barely breached the five figure milestone in the last eight years.

For more information on this CTS-V, visit the Motorious classifieds.

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