Watch: Why The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Remains King

Feb 19, 2019 2 min read
Mr JWW Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

Only 1200 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradales were ever built, yet the model never received the same fame as its successors. Youtuber Mr JWW revisits this hardcore supercar for a crash course in the vehicle's merits

When Ferrari undertakes a limited run of halo models, the Italian marque doesn’t go at it half-heartedly.

The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale was the ultimate V8 Prancing Horse of its era and remains closely monitored on the open market by collectors today.YouTuber Mr JWW borrowed the keys to this modern classic supercar for a refresher course in how special the vehicle still is.

Designed as a hardcore variant of the Ferrari 360, the Challenge Stradale was stripped of its luxuries and instead featured plenty of naked carbon fiber. Little over 110kg was saved through the use of lightweight materials, and when combined with its 420 hp output from that V8 engine, 0-60mph was conquered in just 4.0 seconds.


The Challenge Stradale actually borrows parts from the legendary Ferrari Enzo, and the racing variant of the 360. Its F1 gearbox is straight out of the Enzo, as are those carbon brakes, and much of its titanium components were design with motorsport in mind. Its exhaust system is reportedly the loudest of any Ferrari to date, due to laws that now exist to mute modern-day supercars.

Mr JWW straps himself into the harnessed Alcantara bucket seats and tears off down a British country road. However, traction systems weren’t as advanced when this Challenge Stradale was new, and so the damp conditions prove challenging. ‘So it’s pretty crazy! That just lit-up in a straight line in second!’ JWW remarks after a twitch of oversteer at less than half throttle.

The car’s agility is displayed on the UK’s winding roads, as is its glorious high-octane soundtrack. However, the wind noise and numerous rattles highlight that Ferrari’s serious lack of comforts. That said, the Challenge Stradale is a raw machine with performance as its primary focus, not serenity in the cabin when cruising on the highway.

Just 1200 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradales were built globally, with an estimated 350 making their way to America. Values are on the increase as RM Sotheby’s sold a yellow example for $275,000 at its Paris auction last year.

Source: YouTube

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