Society of Automotive Historians Drive History Conference

Feb 19, 2019 1 min read
Society of Automotive Historians Drive History Conference

Returning for a third time, the International Drive History Conference brings together enthusiasts and experts for a unique experience.

From April 11-13, 2019, the Society of Automotive Historians will celebrate five decades of work while presenting their Third International Driving History Conference. The event will take place at NB Center for American Automotive Heritage, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

As explained by the group in their online conference schedule, “The International Drive History Conference is the first international academic event of its kind known to have taken place in North America.”

“The event is bringing together scholars, practitioners, hobbyists, students, among others, who are interested in the history and preservation of motor vehicle heritage.

“At the conference, we hope to exchange ideas and learn from one other about how the preservation of motor vehicle heritage can be made a more centrist part of the historic preservation field in respect to both tangible material culture and intangible traditions.”

For those who are planning to attend, the event will consist of a unique driving experience that includes a range of historic vehicles. There will also be various workshops geared towards automotive collectors, restorers, and anyone interested in getting into the pastime. Speakers are scheduled to explain the different areas of automotive preservation and collecting, like what makes a barn find, the story behind the patina trend, and other special segments. Derek Moore from the National Corvette Museum will give a special presentation on the infamous sinkhole Corvettes.

“The Society of Automotive Historians is a group of automotive enthusiasts from over 20 countries who are passionate about researching and recording automotive history. In 2019 they are celebrating their 50th anniversary through a conference co-hosted by the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA), the Society of Automotive Historians (SAH), and the College of Charleston’s Historic Preservation and Community Planning (HPCP) program.”

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