The Jensen Interceptor Is Britain’s Coolest Export

Oct 9, 2019 2 min read
The Jensen Interceptor Is Britain’s Coolest Export

When the English make a muscle-tourer, the results are stunning.

The best part of cars from the 60s and 70s is the sheer breadth of machines that were being created. America was busy with muscle cars and the horsepower wars, Italy was inventing supercars, Germany was diving deep into technology and luxury, and then we had Britain. Of all the cars from this era, the British have made some of the most interesting.

Take this 1974 Jensen Interceptor for example. Name another car on the road that has a similar profile? It’s like someone took the elongated coupe form of the Jaguar E-Type and stretched into a more spacious grand tourer, while simultaneously making it look more muscular and purposeful.

If James Bond didn’t have an obsession with Aston Martin, it’s easy to see how the Interceptor would have stepped into the starring role. The body was designed by the Italians, and the engine was a monstrous 440 cubic-inch V8 from the folks at Chrysler, so it had looks to spare and performance to match. With a 0-60 sprint in the 7.5 second range, it was one of the quickest cars in the segment. It’s basically a perfect mix of supercar and muscle car.

And then there is this particular Jensen listed for sale at Motorcar Studio. Not only is it a great example of a MKIII Interceptor with its silver paint and oxblood interior, but it is upgraded and improved in all the right ways.

The engine has been given the once-over with aluminum cylinder heads, an MSD ignition, high-flow fuel pump and fuel injection courtesy of a Holley Sniper system. To keep all that power in check, this car also features an upgraded cooling system with a custom radiator and high flow water pump. On top of all that, it features some special modern touches like modern H4 lighting and keyless entry.

For the asking price of $34,900 you couldn’t buy a modern car half this cool or interesting, and that’s why we love it so much.

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