Don't Call The 1973 Triumph GT6 A Poor Man's Aston

Oct 9, 2019 2 min read
Don't Call The 1973 Triumph GT6 A Poor Man's Aston

The best-looking car Triumph ever built.

One of the prettiest cars ever made is the Aston Martin DB4. The svelte bodywork, penned by the Italian team at Carrozzeia Touring in Milan is one of the most iconic car designs of all time. Sadly getting the chance to own a DB4, or even its successor the DB5 is becoming harder every day.

Thankfully, if you would like to enjoy owning and driving something with a similar style without spending a half-million dollars or more, there is an equally British machine you could own. The 1973 Triumph GT6 is in many ways, a miniature DB4 with even more flair and character.

Don't Call The 1973 Triumph GT6 A Poor Man's Aston

The GT6 is an achingly pretty thing that features a sloped rear end with a tapered point, similar to the Astons of yore, but it swaps the flat nose for a more rakish point that is similar to Ferrari’s and Corvettes of the era. Considering the designer behind the car also helped create some of the most iconic Italian cars ever made like the Ferrari 250, it makes sense.

You certainly could never ask for a finer example to gaze upon, either. This particular Triumph GT6 listed at Motorcar Studio is a complete concours-ready restoration. From the deep, glossy Mimosa Yellow paint to the fully rebuilt straight-six engine, this car is cosmetically and mechanically perfect. The car has spent the last several years serving museum duty for the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, so perfectly climate controlled and meticulously detailed.

It’s almost a shame, really, to have a car this perfect and interesting and never drive it. That four-speed manual is begging for us to row through the gears while we listen to the straight-six growl. With an asking price of just $29,900, it’s an easy buy if you’ve been looking to get into the hobby of British sports cars. And even if you couldn’t care less about owning a Triumph, you owe it to yourself to look through the photo gallery. Motorcar Studio always does an impeccable job with their listing photography, and this machine is so stunning it deserves a few seconds of your time.

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