1980 MGB Convertible Can Star In Your British Car Collection

Jul 2, 2021 1 min read
1980 MGB Convertible Can Star In Your British Car Collection

This is the quintessential British car.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of owning an MGB or are looking for a good way to get into classic car collecting, this 1980 MGB convertible is ideal. After all, Awesome Joes is selling  These MGBs have a tremendous reputation for being extremely easy to work on and aging gracefully, so you won’t be dealing with parts which might as well be made of glass, which is a huge plus.

Perfectly accentuating the sleek, simplistic body panels for this MGB is green paint with a nice, deep shine finish. Matching that glistening appearance is virtually perfect chrome on the bumpers, grille, headlight bezels, and perfectly maintained wheels. Anyone will be wowed when you pull up in this hot little number.

While the interior of any car is of high importance, on a convertible it’s even more pivotal if you plan on showing it since it will be taken in with a single glance along with the exterior. This MGB’s interior looks stunning, complete with clean carpeting, soft leather seats, and . All of the controls, gauges, and steering wheel being in good condition really put the cherry on top. This is definitely a car you wouldn't mind being seen in.

For more specifics on this MGB or to make a bid, or to get in touch with Awesome Joe's, click here. While you’re at it, check out the many other cars posted for sale on the site, and get ready to bid.

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