Grab This Ultra-Rare 1928 Duesenberg Model X

Aug 21, 2019 2 min read
Grab This Ultra-Rare 1928 Duesenberg Model X

There are only four of these surviving today.

Every Duesenberg is a standout among pretty much any other set of vehicles. But when there’s only four examples of a car known to be in existence today, you know that ride is truly something special. The fact this 1928 Duesenberg Model X is up for grabs right now means someone is going to drive away with an absolute treasure.

Grab This Ultra-Rare 1928 Duesenberg Model X

Some people call the Model X the last of the “real” Duesenbergs. Originally, Duesenberg planned to make 13 Model Xs, but only four are known to exist today, with some debate about whether the other nine were ever assembled or not. An improved version of the Model A, it used a stronger motor and improved suspension. Production was tabled by E.L. Cord once he took over the company, with that production never resumed.

This car is the only Phaeton version of the Duesenberg Model X. It used to be part of the Dezer collection when it was acquired in the 1980s and so is fairly well documented. The red exterior has a nice polish, plus appropriate chrome pieces and the famous hood ornament. Wire-spoke wheels and whitewall tires, including dual fender-mounted spares, are included in the setup. There’s also  trunk strapped to the rear board, which is covered in the same tan cloth as the convertible top.

The tan interior is luxurious but simple, with a passenger compartment separated from the driver’s compartment. There’s also a windshield for the passengers and locking storage compartments in the partition. Duesenberg paired a straight-eight engine with a manual transmission. Original gauges and controls, plus a wood steering wheel are included.

The Duesenberg name came into fame when the Model A debuted in 1921, with the cars quickly being recognized as some of the most luxurious and exclusive on the market. Movie stars and other wealthy members of society gravitated to them.

Widely considered the rarest Duesenberg, the Model X is something of a legend today. As a result of that rarity, this Duesenberg Model X is destined to continue to increase in value over time. If you’re interested in buying it now, you can do so through Orlando Auto Museum.

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