Hot Wheels Collection Going For Six Digits

Nov 13, 2019 2 min read
Hot Wheels Collection Going For Six Digits

The sheer number of these toys in one location is overwhelming.

Everyone loves Hot Wheels, from toy collectors to automotive enthusiasts. You can grab some for a buck at your local Walmart, making them perfect treats for kids and adults alike. Some people treat themselves more than others, hence why Dawn Rose posted on the Facebook group Hotwheels (sic) Collectors Sell/Trade a collection of over 25,000 of the diecast cars. At the writing of this article, the collection has an asking price of $123,456,789, which is simply insane and can’t be right. Instead, it likely is supposed to be $123,000 and some change, a number that’s still pretty steep.

Hot Wheels Collection Going For Six Digits

Just consider some of the collector cars you could buy for that kind of cash. Instead of looking at toy versions of the Ford Shelby GT500, you could be driving not just a newer one, but a vintage model. There are plenty of other Chevrolets, Dodges, and so many other life-sized cars you could grab for the same amount or less. Still, this collection of Hot Wheels is impressive, with some suggesting it really belongs in a museum (they should be wearing a fedora while saying that).

Before you think this is your chance to low-ball, Dawn Rose, who posted the collection online, said “I know what they are worth so I will not give them away.” Fair enough. It’s a phrase used in many a vehicle listing to avoid non-serious buyers looking to see if they can get something for a steal.

Rose also says the collection is for sale as a whole, display pieces and all. That means no digging through to find that Hot Wheels 1968 White Custom Camaro you’ve been trying to track down for years. You either take everything or nothing, and it’s a lot to take.

It’s difficult to estimate the total weight of this collection, but needless to say the lucky new owner will need a heavy-duty moving truck just to transport everything. Or maybe bring two trucks.

If you’re interested and serious, Rose says you can set up an appointment to view the collection in person. It’s located in Virginia, so any prospects on the west coast will have a fun time transporting everything to their home or museum. Considering the rare opportunity to buy over 25,000 cars in one shot, that might be worth it.

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