Can’t Afford A Pilot's License? Buy This GMC Sierra Car Plane Instead!

Jun 7, 2019 2 min read
2005 GMC Sierra Car Plane Build

Despite question marks over practicality, this off the wall build has a huge amount of business potential for its next owner.

Whilst the GMC Sierra is unlikely to become a collectors item particularly soon, this particular example, offered by Vicari Auction, barely resembles the trusty American truck it once was. As you can clearly see, this Sierra has had some rather ridiculous surgery to create none other than the Plane Car. Catchy name.

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The single prop hanging out the front is sadly not functional, or fortunately, depending on your desire to cause havoc on the streets.

On board passengers get a real assault on the senses, as for all intents and purposes, this Sierra looks and feels like a small passenger aircraft. The floor is lined in a hardwood for some additional luxury, whilst passengers are cosseted by some rather opulent looking captains chairs.

2005 GMC Sierra Car Plane Build

The vendor helpfully suggests uses for it, the first being its previous function as seen by the graphics - a moving advert.

Despite the surgery and rather ungainly overhangs at both the front and rear, this GMC is fully street legal, and a local trip to Walmart is well within your right, although the lack of a tailgate may prove frustrating for the weekly shop. Fortunately the builder anticipated the school run and a food store, so a helpful back up camera will hopefully prevent the new owner from reversing into any buildings.

Considering its eye catching demeanor, it comes as no surprise that this humble Sierra managed some rather cool screen time, including uses in the Black Panther movie as well as featuring on the hit TV show, Ridiculous Rides.

The 6 liter V8 will happily take the extra weight, and with 98,000 miles on the odometer we’re sure there are more than enough miles left to cause some public relations euphoria. If marketing isn’t the goal, some additional income from providing transport for weddings and similar events will surely win you brownie points in the local community.

For more information, visit Vicari Auction.

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