The Bond Of A Lifetime: Yamaha Toyota 2000GT

Mar 8, 2019 2 min read
Toyota 2000GT

After several decades separated, Emile Bouret uncovers the opportunity of a lifetime with his childhood 2000GT

Japan was late in bringing a supercar to market. As Germany and Italy dominated showrooms with fast, sleek cars throughout the decade of free love, Japan wasn’t even represented. Yamaha wanted to change this. They had something to offer the more exotic side of the industry. There was a surprise in store.

In 1965, the 2000GT was unveiled to Nissan, but sadly they couldn’t afford it at the time. With some fine-tuning to the design, Toyota agreed to manufacture a limited production run of the vehicle. Regarded as one of the world's most conservative manufacturers, the 200GT was to be their ticket to the world stage.

With design cues taken from Jaguar's E-Type, the car was unveiled to the world at the Tokyo Motor Show, and the world fell in love. Although global buyers were screaming at Toyota to take their money, it would be another two years before anyone could get their hands on one.

Toyota 2000GT

Being the diligent folk they are, Toyota made pragmatic use of this time period to boost kudos for the new model. They entered prototypes into a variety of high profile races to prove the car's credentials. The most famous of which remains the 1966 Speed Trial at the YatHigh-Speedpeed Testing Course, where the car obliterated three world records and set 13 new international records. Toyota had the 2000GT locked and loaded, and in 1967 it hit the streets.

For those familiar with car guru Emile Bouret, you may have heard of his childhood growing up around his Father’s Toyota 2000GT, which gave him the car bug. Like most of us, the car that began his journey was eventually sold, never to be seen again.

Most of us won’t have the opportunity to to reconnect with these childhood memories, however, Emile has beaten the odds to quite an effect. As one of the most heart warming, if not slightly tear jerking YouTube videos we’ve seen in recent months, check out his story below. This is not one to miss.


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