US Company Sells Decommissioned Military Mercedes G-Wagens

Jan 22, 2020 2 min read
US Company Sells Decommissioned Military Mercedes G-Wagens

Take one of these on your next excursion to Neiman Marcus.

Instead of getting a chrome-encrusted Mercedes-Benz G-Class, you can pick up an ex-military vehicle reworked to be a more civilized off-roader. That’s what Expedition Motor Company based out of New Jersey is offering to discerning American consumers, and it’s turning heads. That attention might have something to do with one of the models boasting the toughness to survive being air-dropped from a helicopter, just in case you need to stage a coup or watch your sister’s kids.

US Company Sells Decommissioned Military Mercedes G-Wagens

Considered by many Americans to be some of the most ostentatious SUVs out there, Mercedes-Benz G-Class or G-Wagens are pretty much relegated to expeditions ending at the day spa or designer boutique. In Europe and parts of Asia, G-Wagens are rough-and-tumble off-roaders people use to get to remote areas and perform tough jobs.

That air-drop-friendly model, the Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf, bristles with all kinds of features. Leather seats are a huge upgrade, but the retro gauges and controls are kept, with the exception of the radio. Modern lighting and heavy-duty flooring make these perfect for playing in the dirt, if you dare scratch the paint or dent a panel. There’s even a snorkel for water crossings and driving in dusty conditions.

US Company Sells Decommissioned Military Mercedes G-Wagens

You can spec also spec these SUVs with all kinds of extra goodies. You can keep the open top, plus a full of bikini soft top is included in the base price, or you can add a removable hardtop for extra comfort in cold weather conditions. Other options are bull bars, auxiliary lighting, turn indicator guards, headlight guards, and an electric winch.

As part of the process, Expedition Motor Company disassembles all the mechanicals, cleaning and machining out imperfections, replacing gaskets, etc. The same goes for the body and frame, each former German military vehicle getting a full reconditioning. All initial work is done in Poland before the vehicles are shipped to the US.

US Company Sells Decommissioned Military Mercedes G-Wagens

The secret is Expedition Motor Company buys decommissioned G-Wagens from the German military in bulk. They’re apparently pretty beat-up initially, so the reconditioning process isn’t simple.

Despite their tough images, these Expedition Motor Company G-Wagens are most definitely playthings for the rich. The promo video for the 250GD Wolf shows the SUV sitting outside an opulent estate, as well as driving through rugged landscapes. Considering pricing starts at a cool $90,000 that’s really not surprising. But consider that a new G-Class starts at $130,900 and the fact you probably shouldn’t try air-dropping it for your next outdoor adventure.

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