Watch Divers Discover 10 Sunken Cars

Sep 17, 2019 1 min read
Watch Divers Discover 10 Sunken Cars

There’s also two motorcycles down in the murky water.

YouTuber DallyMD loves to hunt for all kinds of cool things underwater, including sunken treasure. With a friend, he decided to troll a river in the Florida Keys by a bridge that’s popular for diving. The idea was plenty of people have lost GoPros, phones, and so forth in the murky depths. While there were such items to be discovered, the divers also uncovered ten cars, two motorcycles, plus a sunken boat for good measure.


Naturally, the cars aren’t exactly in mint condition. Thanks to the fact all these vehicles were submerged in salt water, the metal breaks down in a hurry. Most of the cars look like swiss cheese. Literally on top of that is plenty of green algae growing, making identifying many of these rides challenging. Add in the fact that the head-mounted GoPros don’t given many static, wide-angle shots where you can see the entire profile of most of these cars, even the sharpest-eyed car fans are going to be stumped by at least a few.

The roofs on these cars seem to be the first thing to go. Of course, you can’t see the chassis on many o them since they’re buried in sediment, so maybe those have deteriorated into nothing as well. On one the chassis is pretty much all that’s left, but since it has leaf springs in the rear we know it’s from a truck, which might explain why it’s outlasted the rest of the vehicle.

Even if someone were to legally pull these vehicles out of the river, there extent of the damage done to them would probably at best make them worthy only of scrapping. Besides, it wouldn’t be surprising to find any number of these cars were used in criminal activity, hence why they were submerged and forgotten.

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