At Under $20K, Would You Buy This 1970 Opel GT?

Sep 18, 2019 2 min read
At Under $20K, Would You Buy This 1970 Opel GT?

It’s a German sports car from the 1970s, after all.

Opel might be one of the most forgotten modern German automakers, at least when it comes to American collectors. Previously owned by General Motors, the brand has put out some pretty impressive cars which have been ignored on this side of the Atlantic. The good news is this 1970 Opel GT could be yours for less than $20,000, when other German sports cars from the era cost far more.

This little silver Opel GT sure is easy on the eyes. Clare MacKichan, a former designer on the Corvette program, injected a fair amount of C3 styling into this car. The result is flowing, muscular lines, making the GT a car you could gaze at all day long. Because of this connection, they’re becoming increasingly popular with the Corvette crowd.

Those flip-up headlights are one of the most interesting things on the Opel GT. While at first glance you’re probably expecting the air flap-style flip-ups, they’re instead more rounded off, like a Porsche 911’s, creating less wind resistance. They also look so much better, scoring this sports car even more style points.

With this car you get all the trimmings and equipment from the factory, which is how you want Opel GTs these days. Straight body panels with paint that’s obviously been corrected or is new, plus fresher chrome and the original wheels makes the exterior presentation nice. The interior is also well-done. While the factory radio is still in place, along with everything else original, behind the seats is a modern stereo setup. This solution gives you a way to enjoy better sound quality and listen to music in a more manageable way, but without negatively impacting the interior aesthetics.

Performance is enjoyable with the larger 1.9-liter engine and manual transmission. You can have plenty of fun tooling around in this classic. If you want to inquire about making it yours, speak with Garage Kept Motors before this Opel GT is gone.

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