A Fleet Of Never Driven Vintage Chevy Trucks Found In Field

Nov 1, 2019 2 min read
A Fleet Of Never Driven Vintage Chevy Trucks Found In Field

Having seen better days, most of these classic pickups have just two to three miles on the odometer.

When it comes to incredible car discoveries, we have come to expect the unexpected. Amazing car finds are never dull, whether it is an ultra-rare classic finally seeing the light of day for five decades or a classic Corvette that has been sitting at the bottom of a lake for 30 years. Just when we think we have seen it all, something else is uncovered that leaves us in awe, disbelief, or both. In this case, both of those emotions would be appropriate.

A fleet of Chevy vintage trucks, most of them appearing to be from the mid-1960s, have been found in a large field. They were intended to be sold by the Lambrecht dealership in Pierce, Nebraska but supposedly, the dealership wasn't keen on selling the older model pickups once the newer models hit showroom floors. Somebody in charge made the decision to stash them away. Whether the intention was to never sell or drive these trucks, we don't know. Stumbling across a large fleet of old-school trucks is always welcoming a welcoming sight, but most of these pickups have never been driven. The odometers read just 2 to 3 miles on the clock on most of these pickups.

After sitting for decades, some of these classic trucks may have been given a new life thanks to VanDerBrink Auctions. The fate laid in the hands of the highest bidder, but some of these rotting pickups were likely scrapped for parts. Sitting outside to weather the elements for decades, a few of these old Chevys have seen much brighter days. Even more, it seems like an even larger selection of other cars can be found in the video such as an an Impala and a Bel Air, both with less than five miles reading on the odometers.

A Fleet Of Never-Driven Vintage Chevy Trucks Found In Field

Most car and truck enthusiasts may have ached in their souls a little bit after seeing the shape of some of these "new" vintage trucks. Sure, it is a gold mine for anyone looking to restore one of these pickups, but for them to have never enjoyed the road is quite a shame.

H/T: Speed Society


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