1938 Chevrolet Rat Bomb Rat Rod Is Near Perfect

Jul 5, 2019 2 min read
1938 Chevrolet Rat Bomb Rat Rod Is Near Perfect

You could take this project the rest of the way to awesomeness.

There’s something undeniably awesome about a well-executed rat rod, especially when it started out as a pickup truck. This 1938 Chevrolet Rat Bomb is a highly stylized example you just might want to consider adding to your garage. It took 12 months to build this rat rod from the very beginning of the project to its completion. As you can see, much about the ’38 Chevrolet Truck has been transformed, turning it into a real-life Hot Wheels of sorts.

1938 Chevrolet Rat Bomb Rat Rod Is Near Perfect

As part of the dramatic transformation, all the paint was stripped off the cab exterior, with the exception of the original paint, or what’s left of it, remaining on the firewall. As a result, this build looks shiny and quite unique. Some serious chopping shortened bot the cab and bed significantly, which sit at an aggressive rake because of the huge American Racing Torque Thrust rear wheels wrapped with Pie Cut White Wall Cheater Slicks, meanwhile much smaller wheels on the front have Firestone Dirts on them. A total of 12 different vehicles donated parts to this build for a completely unique look.

The original bottom portion of the cab was also chopped off and 16 gauge sheet metal was used as a replacement. Factory seats with what appears to be the original upholstery, which is fairly beat up, are on the interior, along with a custom wood center console for a little bit more of a rustic quality. Fresh red paint on the door panels, dash, and other exposed pieces of metal add a more finished look.

You can see the Motown V8 engine displayed quite prominently and completely uncovered up front. 383 Stroke Dart cylinder heads, a Weiand 6-71 Street Supercharger, Dynatech headers, plus dual Holley 600s are all right where you can see them in glorious fashion. Peak output is claimed to be 550 to 600-horsepower. This rat rod also has a Superbell front dropped axle and four-wheel disc brakes.

Not only is this an interesting vehicle, it’s won awards and is famous at the Hot Wheels 2008 First Editions Rat Bomb. Other than a few touch-ups here and there, this vehicle is in great condition. Someone could either keep it as-is or smooth out the rest of the build. This unique rat rod is being offered for sale through Auto Source Group LLC.

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