Sportiness Could Come Cheap With This Chevrolet Nova!

Feb 28, 2019 1 min read
Sportiness Could Come Cheap With This Chevrolet Nova!

Greensboro Auto Auction has a 1967 Chevy Nova for sale, and it could sell for a bargain price!

The Chevrolet Nova - an example of which is being sold by Greensboro Auto Auction - started life as a ‘Friday afternoon’ car; a term used to describe the way housebuilders can knock up a home in double quick time.

There was an 18-month period between Chevrolet engineers being set to work on this car, then known as the Chevy II, and the first one rolling off the production line on 1962. Much to the surprise of critics, the affordable compact car was a hit.

The ‘Nova’ name was originally a body type available on the Chevy II, and added a little bit of sportiness to the standard model. Buying a ‘Nova’ became an increasingly popular option and by 1965 it was clear that people were more willing to lay their money down on a car if it boasted the Nova name. For the third generation vehicle in 1968, the Chevy II was no more.

In the Motorious classifieds is a 1967 Chevy II with the Nova badge, and it has all the sportiness that the name promises.

Packed under the hood is a 5.0-litre 250-horsepower engine, a big unit for such a compact car, and is also heavily turbocharged. We bet the noise it makes is brilliant.

Sadly you won't be able to switch gears with the shifter like in a The Fast & Furious movie as the car utilises an automatic gearbox, but it's not like anyone you're going to drive past is going to know.

Recently the Nova has undergone some restoration work, with a new interior and weatherstripping, the addition of rally wheels, dual exhaust exits and a new dash of Victory Red paint to add to its sporty look.

GAA will be selling the car this weekend, so you can see the Nova in person before you jump in to buy.

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