Start An Instant Collection With These Six Callaway Corvettes

Jan 24, 2020 2 min read
Start An Instant Collection With These Six Callaway Corvettes

You need to pony up around $1 million for this collection, though!

A classic car dealership that focuses on Corvettes has a unique package deal up for grabs. For just $995,000, you can acquire a unique collection of six Callaway Corvettes from each of the car's six model years – 1986 through 1991. Not surprisingly, this Callaway Corvette collection is a hard sell priced collectively at almost $1 million as shown by the fact that these cars have been posted for at least two years by Texas Classic Cars Online.

Start An Instant Collection With These Six Callaway Corvettes

All of these cars are legit B2K Callaways, which means they were ordered from the factory this way and then sent from the Bowling Green Assembly Plant directly to Callaway Cars for the conversion. In addition to the unique aerodynamic body kit, these Corvettes all have the Callaway twin-turbo under the hood making them the ultimate C4 Corvette until the mighty ZR-1 came along in 1990. In the first year, the Callaway 345 horsepower output was 105 hp more than a standard Corvette, and this output grew to 382 hp in 1988 and 403 hp in 1990.

In terms of this collection, the oldest is example is the only 1986 Callaway Corvette ever made, and it's based on the rare Malcom Conner Edition. This 1986 Callaway – along with the red 1987 Callaway convertible feature the iconic NACA ducts on the hood, while the red 1990 coupe and black 1991 convertible get the full AeroBody treatment. Each of these cars has exceptionally low miles with the 1986's 11,101 miles being the most, and the newest model also has the lowest with just 3,789 miles.

Start An Instant Collection With These Six Callaway Corvettes

While the lure of buying a turn-key collection of Callaway Corvettes might be worth the $995,000 asking price, R&T points out that a one-owner 1988 Callaway convertible with around 10,000 miles just sold at auction last week for $58,000.

h/t: Road and Track

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