Own A Piece Of Corvette History With This C6 Z06 Prototype

Jan 12, 2020 2 min read
Own A Piece Of Corvette History With This C6 Z06 Prototype

This experimental test car was put through its paces on the autobahn, Nürburgring , Spa and VIR.

Here's your chance to own a rare piece of automotive and Corvette history with this unique Corvette prototype through GT Motor Cars. About a year after the C6 Corvette was introduced, Chevrolet started work on a Z06 model, and that included the construction of the experimental test vehicle that you see here.

The listing mistakenly refers to this 2005 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 prototype as "Blue Devil," but that code name was used for the C6 ZR1, which arrived about two years after the Z06.

Own A Piece Of Corvette History With This C6 Z06 Prototype

From the outside, this prototype looks just like a production version of the 2006 Z06, but the interior still wears most of the safety and test equipment that was used to tune this ultimate 'Vette. This includes the Sparco racing seats, Simpson five-point race harnesses, fire suppression system and a rear chassis brace. The car even retains the rats nest of wires that were used for testing and data collection purposes with sensors still in place including under the hood, on the oil pan and on the brake caliper.

With a 505-horsepower 7.0-liter LS7 under the hood, the Z06 was, at the time, the fastest and most powerful car ever offered by General Motors, and it was tuned at some of the most iconic tracks around the world to make sure this Corvette could handle anything. Looking to become a true global sports car, the Z06 was tested at the famous Nürburgring where former Formula 1 driver and GM test driver Jan Magnussen laid down an impressive time of 7:42.99. These Nürburgring test sessions were among the earliest places that spy photographers first captured images of this car in action.

Own A Piece Of Corvette History With This C6 Z06 Prototype

As is usually the case with prototypes and test cars, this Corvette has an experimental VIN, so titling and legally driving this car could be difficult. But who'd want to drive such a rare piece of Corvette history anyway?

GT Motor Cars has not said how much this one-of-a-kind Corvette is selling for, but you can always click HERE to make an offer on this car.

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