Albuquerque Thieves Take Customized Jeep

Jan 24, 2020 2 min read
Albuquerque Thieves Take Customized Jeep

This was a family treasure and now it’s gone.

Everyone in the southwestern United States needs to be on the lookout for this stolen 1988 Jeep Cherokee. The owner, Dominic Archuleta, left it in a lot near his work and when he got off it was just gone. Now he’s trying to grapple with the fact the project vehicle he wrenched on with his daughter has simply vanished.

This Jeep has some unique elements, especially the matte black Rhino Liner paint. The door panels are still white, the original color of the off-roader. If you stumble across it, contact the authorities to report the vehicle.

Where his Jeep had been was glass on the pavement and a “giant screwdriver” likely used to smash a window. That’s a pretty brazen way to steal a vehicle, especially in the daylight. According to Archuleta, he’s been parking vehicles in the same parking lot located by 8th Street and Tijeras for two and a half years and has never had a problem, until now.

Albuquerque Thieves Take Customized Jeep

Car theft is a real issue in Albuquerque. While it’s never a convenient thing for anyone, and certainly it puts plenty in a horrible financial bind, this one stings even worse. Archuleta said it was the first project vehicle for his 16 year-old daughter. Together, they poured countless hours and thousands of dollars into the off-roader. Now, they’re looking for a replacement.

A fair amount of customization had gone into the now-stolen 1988 Jeep Cherokee. Among them is a lift to help accommodate larger tires. They painted the SUV just the week before it was taken.

Instead of letting the situation defeat them, Archuleta and his daughter are looking for another Jeep Cherokee to customize. Everyone else can help by being on the lookout for a 1988 model like the one above. With some luck, Archuleta can get that prized vehicle back in one piece.

Source: KOAT 7

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