British Classics Discovered In Texan Barn Could Be Yours For $50K

Jan 25, 2019 2 min read
Texan British collector car barn find

A dusty collection of British automotive icons have been discovered in a Texan barn and are now up for sale. There's even a discount if you buy the whole lot...

It's not every day that you'll find a squadron of British collector cars lurking in a Texan barn. Yet, that's exactly the case here. Languishing away on the outskirts of Bryan in Brazos County, the barn find equivalent of a British classic dealership has been discovered after decades in hiding. The best bit? They are all for sale!

The unexpected and somewhat dusty collection of British classics and relevant spares, dating from 1948 through to 1972, are the result of the owner’s keen nose for anything heralding from a UK marque. Now they’re all offered for sale as a package deal– for only $50,000 (£38,000).

Varied in several regards – manufacturer, size, condition and rarity – these classics in their secluded location provide an intriguing glimpse into what would’ve been driven on British streets. From a proud Daimler Century in elegant white to a cheeky Austin Mini in bright red, most of the UK demographic and the personalities that would have been behind the wheel are represented here.

British barn finds Texas

Among the more renowned UK marques of Austin, Morris and Daimler, is a particularly rare, one-of-two Triumph-based Acron kit car from 1968.

Based on a Triumph Herald and fitted with a custom body made from aluminium, this is an odd but charming classic that seems to blend design cues from a Lotus 7 and Allard K1. Although bespoke, sourcing parts for the Acron should prove relatively straightforward thanks to the sheer popularity of the Herald, which saw half a million cars leave the production line.

The owner has stated he is open to selling the cars on an individual basis, the most expensive of which is the 1958 Daimler Century at $8,000 (£6,100). Most of the vehicles on offer sit at an average of $5,000 (£3,800) each or less – making them prime fodder for the DIY enthusiast.

Considering that the humble Austin Mini can command an asking price of up to £30,000 ($39,400) back in Blighty, we'd say that's a purchase worth making.

Joining the unusual British gathering, and also for sale, are a few US-based vehicles – including a Dodge Power Wagon, two Willys Jeepsters and two fire trucks.

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