Auto Designer Loves The Aston Martin Lagonda

Jan 9, 2020 2 min read
Auto Designer Loves The Aston Martin Lagonda

This is not a joke.

If you were to ask most car enthusiasts to name off the best-looking Aston Martins ever made, the Lagonda probably wouldn’t be mentioned by even five percent. Instead, options like the Aston Martin DBS and the Aston Martin Rapide will be more popular. Richard Vaughan is not your average enthusiast. With a successful career as an automotive designer under his belt, the man knows a thing or two the rest of us don’t. He loves the look of the Aston Martin Lagonda and in the video below explains why. Just hear the man out.

Not everyone is going to love the Lagonda, and Vaughan likely understands that. You might not be swayed by his way of thinking, but hopefully you at least get where he and other Lagonda fans are coming from.

According to Vaughan, the Aston Martin Lagonda is of a classical proportion. It’s two wheels high, while the wheelbase is three wheels long. Maybe you don’t think that’s a big deal, but the car designer does. Pretty much no sedans ever made adhere to those proportions, making the Lagonda an outlier.

With such a long wheelbase and those huge tires, the Lagonda soaks up road imperfections so you don’t feel a thing, according to Vaughan. He also claims it handles quite well for a car from its era. It was technologically advanced, being the first car to use digital instruments or capacitive-sensing touch switches. That might not sound like a big deal today, but it was when the Lagonda debuted.

Designed by William Towns, the Aston Martin Lagonda was produced from 1974 to 1990. A mere 645 were made, so if you haven’t seen one in the flesh before, you’re definitely not alone. Aston Martin got the name from the car brand it purchased back in 1947 after the close of WWII.

More recently, Aston Martin revived the Lagonda name for its all-electric luxury SUV. Apparently, there’s a possibility the British automaker will launch a whole line of Lagonda-branded SUVs and maybe more, but for now that’s just talk.

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