Is This Arola Microcar The Answer To LA Traffic?

Apr 1, 2019 2 min read
Is This Arola Microcar The Answer To LA Traffic?

Looking remarkably like a chunk of 70s cheese, this Arola Microcar can approach 40 miles per hour

Should you find yourself somewhere chic and stylish – Paris, Milan, Bradford (maybe) – then you'll witness an abundance of Kei Cars cluttering up the more fashionable streets; usually outside a Wholefoods. Previous to the iPhone generation, these particular cars failed to catch on outside Japan. Yet, the current automotive landscape is wholeheartedly different. Kei Cars are now the ultimate fashion statement.

You can go one smaller than Kei, however. The microcar exists for those who don’t yet possess a driving licence and simply require private means of transport. As opposed to having to degrade oneself to the Metro or a local bus, it makes total sense.

Although this sounds awfully middle class and luxurious, the reality is somewhat different. Anyone who has been within a 10-mile radius of these Parisian contraptions will know that they sound like a mosquito on steroids. Sexy.

That said, there is an unmistakable charm surrounding these vehicles. Their simplicity in design and functionality almost appears cute, especially when considering that their original architects likely saw their products as the future of private transportation.

The car featured here is a particularly early example of this movement, and is the forefather to the manufacturer that dominates this market sector in France – Aixim.

Based in, and named after, Arola Lyon, this small French company (that sounds frighteningly similar to unmentionable female anatomy) was established in 1975, and found itself absorbed by the aforementioned Aixim in 1983.

Sadly, no information is provided by the vendor as to the Arola vehicles condition, or even its manufacture year, although it looks to be in fine fettle and still resembles a rather retro looking slice of cheddar.

Most of the vehicles we feature have cubic capacities larger than the volume of your average bathtub, yet this little Arola sports a whopping 2.85 cubic inches allowing an utterly depraved 3 horsepower. Despite rather amusing numbers, or lack thereof, speeds approaching 40 miles per hour can be achieved. Ear plugs would be advised, however.

For more information on this Arola Microcar visit the Motorious classifieds.

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