For Under $28K, Is This 1993 Mazda Knight Sports FD3S RX-7 Your JDM Dream?

Oct 2, 2019 2 min read

For sale in the United States, this right-hand-drive RX-7 is full of rare parts.

Back in the early '90s, Japanese dimension regulations affected Mazda RX-7 sales due to the car's non-compliant width. Due to the car's width exceeding these guidelines, buyers were forced to pay an annual tax. After that, the RX-7 was deemed a superior sports car. Driver Motorsports is offering the perfect chance to snag this incredible right-hand-drive 1993 Mazda FD3S RX-7 equipped with an abundance of bolt-on parts by Knight Sports. The car is 100 percent legal, cleared through customs, and comes with a valid Virginia title and all import documentation.


Slathered in a beautiful dark Brilliant Black, the curvaceous body of this RX-7 is in incredible shape. With just 58,255 miles clocked in, this 26-year-old beauty has incredibly low mileage for its age but enough that it has enjoyed the road from time to time. Perfectly complementing the car's exterior is a set of 17-inch Rays Mazdaspeed MS01 wheels that sit on all four corners. Exterior aftermarket parts include the front bumper, side skirts, Re Amemiya headlights, Knightsports hood with Aerocatch hood pins, 99 Spec front marker lights, and clear fender lights.

Propelled by a 1.3-liter 13B-REW twin-rotor engine with a pair of turbochargers, this JDM dream certainly knows how to boogie. Even more, an abundance of bolt-on engine upgrades were added to make this car ridiculously zippy under throttle. A Knight Sport V Mount intercooler and aluminum radiator system work in conjunction to keep everything under the hood running nice and smooth. Air flows through the Knight Sports intake and gases exit via the Kakimoto exhaust. The car also features an electronic boost controller, catalyzer, suction kit, and intake filter all by Knight Sports. Supplying necessary voltage is a Braille battery relocated to the trunk. Suspension components consist of Swift springs and GPSports G-master dampers. Steel braided brake lines help bring everything to a stop.

For Under $28K, Is This 1993 Mazda Knight Sports FD3S RX-7 Your JDM Dream?

Inside the car, peep the Momo steering wheel on the right side along with a Tomei shift knob. LED lighting can be found throughout the interior, and a Knight Sports speedometer is embedded in the dashboard.

This perfect '93 Mazda RX-7 is ready to conquer the track, participate in car shows, or just provide daily driving duties. The car is listed for $27,900, so feel free to contact contact Driver Motorsports today.


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