1992 Toyota Aristo Packs A 2JZ Punch

Sep 5, 2019 2 min read
1992 Toyota Aristo Packs A 2JZ Punch

You will murder many tires driving this JDM sleeper sedan.

You probably know this 1992 Toyota Aristo as the Lexus GS, but this JDM import hits a lot harder than the luxury sedan we enjoyed here. More specifically, there’s a potent 2JZ-GTE twin-turbo motor under the hood, making this left-hand-drive car the sleeper of your dreams. And you have J-Spec Auto Sports for bringing it to the United States for your driving enjoyment.

1992 Toyota Aristo Packs A 2JZ Punch

When Toyota originally created this sedan, it aimed to blow the Germans out of the water. By tapping the legendary 2JZ engine for the Japanese domestic models, the automaker definitely hit the mark. While the Lexus GS was no slouch here in the states, this one shares its engine with the venerable MK4 Supra. Just imagine the looks of dismay on the faces of other drivers as you effortlessly pull away at wide open throttle.

Most people wouldn’t suspect a four-door sedan to be much of a threat. Helping with that docile image are the doilies covering the tops of the seats like this is some kind of grandma ride. Whomever owned this car in Japan took exceptional care of it, as you can see the OE floormats, carpeting, dash, and everything looks perfect. Same goes for the exterior and the shiny original paint.

There is a hint of the performance aspiration of this car, thanks to 19-inch Venerdi Wheels. Clad in plenty of chrome to catch the eye, they’re like a calling card. Low profile tires are great for handling, so you can keep that beastly engine in check.

The Toyota Aristo launched in the Japanese market in 1991. This car has the standard 4-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive, so it’s fun and easy to use. Thanks to an aftermarket Apexi exhaust, you get to hear the engine howl a little bit more. If you want to find out how you can cause an uproar at the drag strip or your local car show, contact J-Spec Auto Sports to inquire about this vehicle.

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