1963 Ford Galaxie XL Is A True R Code Car

Sep 5, 2019 2 min read
1963 Ford Galaxie XL Is A True R Code Car

This convertible can really haul.

While it looks ideal for cruising, this 1963 Ford Galaxie XL Convertible is also a speed machine. This Ford is a True R Code car, which means it comes with the 427ci V8 and a 4-speed manual transmission. It’s a tempting combination that’s sure to make this a popular vehicle to bid on through GAA Classic Cars.

1963 Ford Galaxie XL Is A True R Code Car

About 8 years ago, this Galaxie was fully restored and it’s a good-looking ride as a result. Heritage Burgundy over Black is a nice combination, without being overly flashy. You’ll note everything about the exterior and interior of the car is correct, including all the badging and factory controls in place. All the upholstery is free of damage, while brightwork inside and out shines to near perfection.

What makes this Ford Galaxie XL a truly unique machine is the fact it’s a convertible with the 427 V8. Finding that combination isn’t exactly easy. It allows you to really feel the wind rip through your hair if you’re in the mood. Of course, even just going slow during a leisurely cruise through town, this car is impressive enough to get people staring and taking pictures.

Ford launched a new generation of the Galaxie in 1960, basing it on a flashy concept car. It was so wide, the cars technically were in violation of different state requirements, but Ford was able to obtain a “pass” for one year to get that resolved. If it hadn’t been for that, the Galaxie would have been required to have orange lights on the roof. For 1964 the car received some new aesthetic touches, making it even more attractive than before. Finding a convertible like this with the R Code 427 is something truly special. Contact GAA Classic Cars to find out how you can bid on this beauty before it’s gone.

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