1987 Toyota SR5 Pickup Hides A Supra Surprise Under The Hood

Oct 25, 2019 2 min read
1987 Toyota SR5 Pickup Hides A Supra Surprise Under The Hood

Marty McFly meets Brian O'Conner

The market for Japanese sports cars might be heating up, but import pickups have always been hot. Thanks to their popularity in the '90s, many of these trucks were extensively modified to hardcore off-roaders or custom lowriders, but this stock-looking 1987 Toyota SR5 Pickup looks about as stock as it did the day it was sold.

The key phrase being "stock-looking" as this Toyota packs a turbocharger upgrade borrowed from a Toyota Supra making it about as much of a sleeper as a bright red 4x4 truck can get. If this kind of truck is up your alley, it will be up for auction in December through Raleigh Classic Car Auctions.

1987 Toyota SR5 Pickup Survivor Hides A Supra Turbo

In stock form, this truck was pretty rare as the turbocharged SR5 was only produced for two years. The factory configuration had the 2.4-liter 22R-TE four-cylinder engine fitted with Toyota's stock CT20 turbocharger allowing for 135 horsepower. It might look like an unmolested truck on the outside, but this engine was upgraded to a CT26 turbo found on the '87-92 A70 Supra. There's no telling how much horsepower this turbocharger upgrade added. Even better, this truck is equipped with the five-speed manual transmission, so it can be enjoyed properly.

According to the listing, this truck remained with its original owner until 2015, and while the mileage wasn't listed, you can bet it's extremely low. The body of this truck is amazing with its original red paint and grey graphics, while the roll bar and front push bumper make it look as cool as Marty McFly's truck in Back To The Future right down to the Xtra cab configuration. Things look just as good inside with a clean cloth interior and seats that are embroidered to further indicate this is the "TURBO" SR5 model.

1987 Toyota SR5 Pickup Survivor Hides A Supra Turbo

This subtly modified, yet well-preserved 1987 Toyota SR5 Pickup will be up for grabs at the Winter 2019 Raleigh Classic on December 6 - 7. Be sure you're registered to bid if you want a shot at being the winning bidder on this iconic '80s pickup truck or any of the other classic and collectible vehicles that will be crossing the auction block.

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