Meticulously Restored 1953 Ford F100 Up For Grabs

Oct 25, 2019 2 min read
Meticulously Restored 1953 Ford F100 Up For Grabs

With this truck, you're sure to win any car show!

This 1953 Ford F100 went through a nut-and-bolt concours restoration, leaving it absolutely sparkling in every nook and cranny. To say this is one of the most impressive examples of the F100 would be entirely accurate. Even better, this classic Ford pickup truck is up for sale, promising the owner an impressive vehicle to literally show off.

Meticulously Restored1953 Ford F100 Up For Grabs

This Ford F100 has had a good life in California, and in fact has had the famous California black plate the entire time. Correct Coral Flame exterior and a complementary vinyl upholstery not only accurately portray how an F100 looked back in the day, they pair exceptionally well together. All body panels are free of blemishes and present well with even gaps.

Meticulously Restored1953 Ford F100 Up For Grabs

The 215 cubic-inch Cost Clipper inline 6-cylinder runs smoothly. It pairs with a 3-speed automatic transmission, plus a 3.92 rear axle. You’ll find that setup to be ideal for traveling on city streets or the open road, keeping things fun yet controlled. Plenty of goodies come with this Ford truck. Both the radio and heater options were added from the factory, plus they both work. Not only has it been meticulously restored, but the process is documented through photos, surpassing virtually every other example in existence.

Ford’s F-Series trucks have literally helped build America. While the F-1 came first in 1948 and was key to getting people working again after WWII, the redesigned F100 launched in 1953 was arguably even more important. It was rough and tumble, ready to work rugged jobs, but came with enough comforts that you could use it to cruise around town on the weekends.

By grabbing this truck from DriverSource, you’re getting the first year model of an automotive legend. A find like this is a once-in-a-lifetime

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