1978 Pontiac Trans Am Stolen In Georgia

Oct 2, 2019 2 min read
1978 Pontiac Trans Am Stolen In Georgia

Another brazen theft of a classic car.

Unfortunately, too many people in the automotive world learn firsthand that trailer theft is real. According to CBS46, a man in Doraville, Georgia had his beloved gold 1978 Pontiac Trans Am swiped, along with the 2000 Ford F-350 hitched up to the 2000 Featherlite 32-foot trailer where the car was being stored. It happened in the middle of the night as the vehicles were parked outside Atlanta Rod Shop in Doraville, northeast of Atlanta.

Jerry Burge, the owner of the Trans Am and trailer, just wants to get his car back. He says the Pontiac was fully restored, and with values on the rise, there’s little doubt the theft hurts in more ways than one. Burge says the car is identical to the one featured in Smokey and the Bandit, except for the paint color. The car was a Special Edition with every factory option installed.

The Ford truck was later located in Ellijay.

While some might think it odd to keep a car stored in a trailer overnight, it’s not an uncommon practice. Burge had just returned from a car show in Ohio, with plans to take the car to another show in Charlotte. Rather than go through the process of unloading and loading the car, he left it parked inside, mistakenly believing it would be safe.

This theft doesn’t appear to be the work of an amateur, according to Burge. After breaking into the truck, the thief fabricated a key to start the ignition, then drove the truck, trailer, and its contents to another location.

A true enthusiast, Burge owns multiple classic Pontiac Trans Ams, but the gold 1978 was special. Definitely the most famous of the second-gen Trans Ams, the Special Edition models are highly sought after. Everything from the 15-inch snowflake wheels to the hood decal are just plain iconic. It’s no surprise that one would be a target of theft, although it is disappointing.

For now, Doraville Police have surveillance video footage and are investigating. The Trans Am had a Georgia license plate PH19961, while the trailer had a Georgia license plate 84667AC. If you have information, Burge would no doubt appreciate if you contact Doraville police.

Source: CBS46

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