Grab A 1950 Crosley Pickup For $15.9k

Oct 2, 2019 2 min read
Grab A 1950 Crosley Pickup For $15.9k

This is the quirky small truck of your dreams.

Instead of just dreaming of owning a small, fun, and overall simple pickup truck, check out this 1950 Crosley Pickup. It’s for sale through GR Auto Gallery for a mere $15,900, making it well within reach for pretty much anyone. What’s more, there isn’t a crush of complicated, fragile technologies onboard, but instead an honest setup for easy maintenance.

Grab A 1950 Crosley Pickup For $15.9k

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Crosley is one of those American automakers history has largely forgot. That means not everyone is clamoring to buy classic examples, which means you can scoop them for solid deals. The company was in business from 1939 to 1952. During that time it made sedans, trucks, wagons, and even convertibles.

All Crosley vehicles, this one included, feature an 80-inch wheelbase, leaf springs, body-on-frame construction, and an engine with displacement under one liter. That setup makes them tough, economical, and wonderfully quirky.

This truck is a clean example, having spent most of its life in New Mexico, away from salty roads. For the last quarter century it’s been sitting in a private collection, obviously receiving excellent care. That’s evident in the overall presentable Teal body panels and the correct interior. Both bucket seats feature what looks to be new brown upholstery.

Providing reliable performance is a 44ci 4-cylinder under the hood. The engine block is painted a vibrant red, while everything else in the engine compartment is impressively clean and orderly. Adding to the fun of this truck is a 3-speed manual transmission, so you really feel engaged while driving it.

Pulling up in a car meet behind the wheel of this Crosley, you’re guaranteed to get some interesting responses. Quite an array of celebrities in the past were big fans of Crosleys, like President Dwight Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Thanks to the low production numbers and far too many of these being crushed throughout the years, finding a Crosley in as good of shape as this one these days is actually pretty difficult. If you want to know purchasing details, contact GR Auto Gallery directly.

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