1969 Buick Gran Sport 400 Convertible Proves Cadillac Doesn’t Always Win

Jun 12, 2019 2 min read
1969 Buick Gran Sport 400 Convertible Proves Cadillac Doesn’t Always Win

This was a muscle car nobody back in the day saw coming.

There’s a surefire way to get people talking at pretty much any car gathering: pull up in this 1969 Buick GS 400 Convertible. It’s a velvet sledgehammer only discerning American muscle car fans truly appreciate, and this one is up for grabs.

1969 Buick Gran Sport 400 Convertible Proves Cadillac Doesn’t Always Win

A nice body and interior are great, but it’s what lies under the hood that really steals the show. A 400ci V8 official puts out 345-horsepower, but it’s been universally agreed Buick really understated the amount. It also piles on the torque with a peak 440 lb.-ft., so you can smoke tires in pretty much any conditions. Those hood scoops aren’t just for show, because both are completely functional, feeding air to the 4-barrel Quadrajet carb.

Of course, all that performance is perfectly complimented by a good-looking body. There are some imperfections in some of the panels, proving this machine has been driven, but not abused. The paint is original and wears a character-filled patina on the surface, making the car feel that much more authentic. Being the convertible model, it has a power top that’s in great condition. Underneath everything is a rust-free frame, which is quite important with a classic car.

This is truly a luxury car, and while not as luxurious as a Cadillac, the interior still comes with nice appointments, plus it is original. The factory air conditioning has been updated, so you get nice cool air flowing out of the vents in the summer heat.

As the muscle car wars were raging, most people didn’t expect Buick to step up like it did with the Gran Sport 400, which was only made for the 1968 and 1969 model years. This vehicle has become a favorite among enthusiasts and collectors, with 1969 convertible models like this one especially appreciating in value. Finding a survivor that hasn’t been modified in distasteful ways can prove to be a huge challenge. It’s all thanks to GR Auto Gallery someone will have the amazing experience of owning this classic American muscle machine.

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