Handsome 1967 Restomod Mustang Is A Vision In Blue

Jun 5, 2019 2 min read
1967 Ford Mustang Restomod

Finished in a stunning shade of blue, this tasteful restomod is sure to draw a crowd.

The Ford Mustang is an American icon, an internationally recognized car deserving of its own place in the hall of fame. This model made owning an aspirational vehicle something attainable, and it was this notion that drove the pony car’s popularity. Over 55 years Ford has produced more than 10 million Mustangs, but could this restomod 1967 classic from American Muscle Car Recovery be one of the most aesthetically pleasing?

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there’s something about this Mustang’s specification that ticks a lot of boxes. Being a relatively early 1967 model (the Mustang was introduced in 1965) its silhouette is unencumbered with the fussy details of later first generation cars. Its clean lines are presented on a canvas of deep blue metallic paint, and narrated with small chrome touches. A contrasting door stripe is a slightly more overt nod to the car’s performance, as are more modern black alloy wheels.

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The interior retains much of the Mustang’s original architecture, but adds a bit more color by incorporating that stunning blue seen on the outside. A new four-spoke sports steering wheel has been fitted to the car and matches other chromed elements of the cabin. Pristine black vinyl seats with lap belts are offered to occupants for a truly classic feel.

1967 Ford Mustang Restomod

Underneath the hood is not this car’s original inline six-cylinder engine, but a 302 cubic inch V8 motor instead. It’s said to produce plenty of power and have low miles, but more importantly produces a great sound without being grating on long journeys. It is connected to a smooth C4 automatic transmission that was actually rebuilt at the same time as the engine.

Aside from its handsome looks, a big benefit of this Mustang is that it’s a California car, meaning that corrosion is less of an issue. Free of rot, rust, or accident damage, the body of this car has never been in need of repair and appears younger than the 111,000 miles it has covered.

Source: American Muscle Car Recovery

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