1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Is A Red Hot Collectible

Jun 10, 2019 1 min read
1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Is A Red Hot Collectible

Plenty of people will lust after this muscle car.

People go absolutely nuts over the Chevelle, and after taking a close look at this 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, it’s easy to see why. The coupe has that classic muscle car look that just takes you back to a time when carbureted beasts roamed the blacktop. Slide behind the wheel and you’ll become even more of a believer, because this muscle car makes you feel almost unstoppable.

The secret sauce is the 396ci V8 engine hidden under the hood. You can actually show it off with pride, thanks to the block being painted bright orange, while the valve covers and air element are a nice chrome for a slick presentation. A 4-speed automatic takes the chore out of driving this beast so you can just enjoy the experience. It comes with new gas lines, gas tank, and brake lines, plus upgraded front disc power brakes for greater control. The Protect-O-Plate is original and power steering was included from the factory.

If you think this Chevelle SS looks a little too good, know there’s a reason. For over 20 years it’s been in storage, keeping it away from harsh elements that really wear on a car. You also get the original books, which is a nice extra touch.

With a similar level of preservation, this Chevrolet’s interior is impressive. The bucket seats are in great shape, while the tach and other gauges work.

Chevrolet gave the Chevelle a slight makeover for the 1967 model year, which was the last year of the first generation. 1967 also marked the first year the Super Sport or SS was a standalone model The Chevelle originally launched in 1964 to compete against the Ford Fairlane. Being one of the earliest American muscle cars, this Chevelle SS is guaranteed to still hold a special place in collectors’ hearts and will continue to increase in value. This solid investment opportunity comes via GAA Classic Cars.

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