Do As You Will With This Barn Find 1966 Toyota FJ45

Jan 8, 2020 2 min read
Do As You Will With This Barn Find 1966 Toyota FJ45

Keep it as is or restore it since it’s your choice.

Some people are really going to love the well-earned patina on this barn find 1966 Toyota FJ45. Others will want to make it look like something essentially brand new. The good news is if you buy this classic Toyota, which is currently for sale, you get to choose what you do with it. Either way, these pickup trucks are rare in the United States and desirable among a good portion of enthusiasts, so it would make for a nice investment.

In its current condition or nice and shiny, this Toyota FJ45 will surely turn many heads wherever you take it. No surprise, the owner of this truck says the paint is original, as are all the body panels. You can see in the pictures a fair amount of battle scars on this Toyota, telling a story of hard work in rugged environments, which just add to its charm.

Adding to the value of this vehicle are some cool options from the factory. The removable hardtop makes this FJ45 more like a Jeep than you might suspect. There are heavy duty bumpers which also wear a nice patina, perfect for dealing with big rocks, tree stumps, or whatever else on the trail. Perhaps the rarest factory feature is the optional PTO Winch mounted up front.

Included in some of the pictures is a drop-in bed and tailgate liner. It also covers the bars at the front of the bed, which is a nice look. The factory 6-cylinder engine is still in place.

The dealer, Vintage Cruisers, says the interior floor has been treated with Raptor lining but were free or rust or scratches before. There’s also new upholstery on the seats, which looks perfect. Other than those two items, the cab looks to be completely original, gauges and all.

There’s little doubt this 1966 Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser truck is going to last long. If you want to grab it before it’s gone, talk to Vintage Cruisers, which says it does offer financing on a vehicle like this.

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