1951 Ford Deluxe Custom Stuns In Ebony Black

Aug 15, 2019 2 min read
1951 Ford Deluxe Custom Stuns In Ebony Black

It features the original controls and other authentic details.

You experience regular drives differently when behind the wheel of a classic, like this 1951 Ford Deluxe Custom. Wearing a beautiful coat of Ebony Black, this car has that old-time look that absolutely stands apart from modern design as well as the flash and bravado of the 1960s. It’s calm, sophisticated, and yet still so much fun to drive.

1951 Ford Deluxe Custom Stuns In Ebony Black

It helps that this classic Ford has undergone a comprehensive restoration process, leaving it looking drop-dead gorgeous. Of course, the most striking element is the paint shined to a gleam, but the chrome trim and rocket-style taillights are just as impressive. The split windshield gives away the era of this car to anyone in the know, plus you get to enjoy the spotlight mounted to the driver’s side A-pillar. Nice whitewall tires and chrome hubcaps top off the classic looks.

The interior is simple and extremely clean, portraying the modest appeal of this crowd pleaser. Fresh upholstery and carpets pair well with the factory controls and steering wheel. One large gauge not only contains the speedometer but also the fuel, engine temperature, oil pressure, and amperage in one convenient display.

A correct 239ci V8 makes 100-horsepower, which for 1951 was impressive. Combined with a 3-speed with overdrive, this car is actually quite enjoyable to drive on just about any road. With the air cleaner housing, engine block, etc. painted a modest bronze, popping the hood to show off the vintage powertrain isn’t anything shameful in the least.

With World War II in the rearview mirror, Ford and other automakers in the US turned their attention back to producing civilian vehicles. Launched in 1949, the Deluxe was the first all-new design from any of the Big Three since the close of the war. Attractive and known for its reliability, the Deluxe quickly became a favorite. That means today finding parts isn’t difficult, so keeping this car running strong shouldn’t be a challenge. Connors Motorcar Company is offering this classic Ford for sale, if you’re interested in owning it or know someone who would be.

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