1951 Ford Coupe Inspired By ‘50s-Era European Racecars

Aug 9, 2019 2 min read
1951 Ford Coupe Inspired By ‘50s-Era European Racecars

A five-year build from start to finish.

1951 Ford Coupe Inspired By ‘50s-Era European Racecars

Fusion Luxury Motors is proud to announce the opportunity to own this one-of-a-kind 1951 Ford Coupe. What started as a simple vision and rendering turned into a full-fledged build that took five years from start to finish. This Ford Coupe build was inspired by European racecars from the 1950s, and every little detail was meticulously planned to fit the theme.

The body of the car was wedge-sectioned 5.5-inches in the front and 2.5-inches in the back, and the roof and hood were both “pancaked”. The rear quarter window was reshaped, and the lower quarter was extended by 1.25-inches. All glass on the body has been flush-mounted, and all bumpers were removed and replaced with custom roll pans. In addition, the wheel wells were radiused and flared.

To add to the whole race car appearance, a custom chrome grille was installed complete with custom fog lights with mesh guards. Magnesium Racecar knock-off wheels wrapped with Goodyear rubber finish off the exterior.

1951 Ford Coupe Inspired By ‘50s-Era European Racecars

The body of this Ford coupe sits on a custom Art Morrison chassis, frame rails, and front suspension. Air canisters allow for additional clearance for the suspension if need be. A Speedway Engineering independent quick-change rear uses custom Thunderbird Uprights for the rear control arms, and suspension components were coated with dull nickel and accented with PPG Authentic Gold Paint.

Inside the engine bay sits a 1956 Lincoln 368cui V8 good for 370 horsepower and equipped with a 1-of-3 original Hilborn Fuel Injection system with a modern EFI conversion by FAST ECU. Shifting power is provided by a Warner T5 transmission, and Wilwood power disc brakes easily bring the car to a halt. Exhaust gases are sent through custom-fabricated headers and flow down through the exhaust system and exit via side pipes with flush-mounted tips.

Inspired by ‘50s-era aircrafts, handmade leather seats were riveted together and feature contrasting inserts. In addition, the inside features a custom shifter shaft and mount, Classic Instruments custom gauges to monitor the car’s vital signs, and cold air conditioning is supplied thanks to Vintage Air. A custom console with toggle switches was installed overhead to control all elements of the car, and steering is controlled by a custom-painted Ididit steering column and Nardi steering wheel.

The whole build was fully documented and comes with a complete build book and secondary photo album. This ’51 Coupe has won 25 awards at prestigious events, and it was featured on Jay Leno’s Garage. You can make an offer here.

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