Rare 1948 Allard Presents The Perfect Tonic For Modern Anxieties

Jun 12, 2019 3 min read
1948 Allard L Type

Britain's Allard marque is often overlooked in the quest for post-war sportscars. Here's why this 1948 Ford V8-powered L Type is worthy of your garage space

Those embedded in modern car ethos seldom respond to Allard’s nomenclature. A marque founded by London-born Sydney Allard in 1936, the company established a steadfast reputation for sports cars based on the Ford V8.

Today, the Allard Motor Company seems relegated to niche car clubs; purely an asterisk in motoring history. Such a fate distresses those of a heritage persuasion, for the driving experience on offer from these post-war pedigrees remain second to none. As this 1948 L Type can demonstrate.

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Fewer than 200 of these cars are thought to have been produced, with only 19 left in the wild – seven of which reside in the United States. This particular example left the factory on December 2, 1948, and was sold in Wales to its first owner. It is claimed that the vehicle was imported onto American soil in 1994 and has been turning heads ever since.

1948 Allard L Type

It’s not hard to see why. Finished in a radiant shade of burgundy and upholstered in gray leather with matching tonneau cover, top, and side curtains, this British beast oozes a sense of gentlemanly panache that few rivals can match.

That front grille may take some time to consent, but once you surpass those initial knee-jerk aesthetic judgements, the unconventional styling gets under your skin.

1948 Allard L Type

The cabin exudes a gallant mantra, too. From its Wilton wool carpets and Indian rosewood dashboard, to that art deco steering wheel and those funky door handles, this Allard’s interior will never fail to diffuse the stresses of modern day life.

Get behind the controls of the L Type after a rough day, and you’ll rediscover that zest for life often masked by contemporary anxieties. There’s room for four, at a very tight squeeze, meaning other burnt-out individuals can come along for the ride, too.

1948 Allard L Type

Open the hood and you’ll find a 21-stud version of Ford’s flathead V8, mated to a 3-speed manual floor shifter, producing 85 horsepower. That may sound lacklustre on paper, but weighing in at less than an average fridge freezer, the sense of speed can’t be beaten. Urban pace has never been so invigorating, courtesy of that split beam independent front axle and a live rear axle set-up.

We can assure you that, after a short time behind the wheel, this will become the pride of your collection. Rare, exciting, and classy as only a 1940s vehicle can be, you’d be mad to pass up such an opportunity. Get a closer look here.

1948 Allard L Type
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