If Pennywise Had A Company Car: Bonkers 2002 Legend Racer

Jun 12, 2019 2 min read
2002 Legend Race Car

This bespoke 2002 creation should ruffle a few feathers...

Presented like a clown on steroids, this 2002 Legend Race Car boasts all the aesthetic qualities of Stephen King’s IT, should Pennywise engage in Fast and Furious warfare between bouts of inflicting terror. That said, never has $7k purchased such a head turner.

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Built in Pennsylvania as a replica of Ford’s 1933 Roadster, the bespoke 5/8 scale racer is powered by a 1984 Honda 600cc, mated to a 6-speed manual transmission devoid of reverse gear. According to Salt City Classic & Muscle, this vehicle sports working headlamps, taillights, turn signals, wipers, and horn.

However, we doubt this machine is road legal due to a lack of plates. If you know differently please get in touch!

Bespoke 2002 Legend Race Car

We also doubt the vehicle’s ability to race - as Legend cars have very tight specifications to ensure cars are quite similar with each other – but as an ensured attention grabber, the custom creation would make for the perfect prop or media vehicle. Just look at those wheels. You aren’t going to forget them in a hurry.

2002 Legend Race Car

Upon closer inspection, you’ll find more cheeky aspects that raise a smile. For starters, there’s a Coca Cola bottle acting as an expansion tank. The cabin has been doused with such fine miniature detail that you can’t fail to admire the effort involved. Even the ruching upon the door panel is spot on. This is Bugsy Malone for the street racing generation.

2002 Legend Race Car

Then there’s the paintwork, which showcases the blemish-free handiwork of a complete professional. The 2002 Legend Racer screams of man hours and cost. While Legend racers are far from Porsche 911 money, a tailored machine such as this would usually cost far more than $6800.

This ’33 Ford customized roadster is certainly unique, and while it won’t be to everyone’s taste, it’ll make for a cool ride to those who wish to stand out from the crowd. Add a Pennywise costume into the mix and you’ve got the complete package.

2002 Legend Race Car
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