Rustic 1947 Chevrolet Suburban Panel Truck Has Loads Of Character

Jul 10, 2019 2 min read
Rustic 1947 Chevrolet Suburban Panel Truck Has Loads Of Character

It may be rustic, but it certainly isn’t rusty.

Sometimes you run across a classic that’s so unique, you might never see one again. This 1947 Chevrolet Suburban Panel Truck, lovingly called “Fat Girl,” is just such the thing. It has plenty of character and an interesting past, making for a lovely addition to any collection of vehicles.

Rustic 1947 Chevrolet Suburban Panel Truck Has Loads Of Character

First off, this Suburban wears a rustic patina that actually suits its rough-and-tumble nature quite well.  The orange paint is in surprisingly good condition, while the black accents on the fenders and upper side panels is wearing off in numerous spots, revealing the orange underneath. That being said, no rust is visible, so you’re getting a body that’s in great condition. The original running boards are still in place, as are the side mirrors, grille, and bumpers. Steel wheels with polished dog dish hubcaps make a strong statement, contrasting with the other parts of the truck.

This truck was parked and virtually unused since the 1980s, but a mechanical restoration has it running again. Powering this beast is the original 216ci V8 mated to an HD granny low 4-speed transmission, so you’re getting the factory powertrain for a purer experience. Completely new brakes have been installed, along with new tires. The fuel system was cleaned and the Suburban went through an electrical servicing.

An all-new interior was also part of the restoration. However, the seats and floors are original, but have been restored. The headliner was replaced. You get to use the original controls and gauges, which have plenty of charm. There’s also the factory heater mounted under the dash on the passenger side. The passenger seat flips up, revealing a hidden storage compartment in the floor, which is a cool feature.

No other vehicle nameplate has enjoyed as long of a production streak as the Chevrolet Suburban, stretching all through World War II when quite a few vehicles weren’t rolling off assembly lines. Since 1935 the people hauler/truck has been dutifully serving families and businesses, creating quite the reputation.

This 1947 model has some unique qualities, since it started out as an oil drilling rig in Utah until 1960, then was converted to work as a Harley-Davidson service truck. Few from that model year have survived this long, making it a valuable collector’s item. You can purchase this classic Chevy through Classic Cars of Sarasota.

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