Use An Unsightly Trailer For Your Classic? Enter This 1946 Chevy

Mar 8, 2019 2 min read
Use An Unsightly Trailer For Your Classic? Enter This 1946 Chevy

If you fancy an even better entrance to your classic car shows, this Big Block Chevy ramp truck is clearly the weapon of choice

So, you have an epic classic car but its a garage queen. You tow it from show to show for all to see to save those precious digits from rolling onto the odometer, but that unsightly trailer you have just doesn’t quite fit the bill for the whole look and feel. Passers by on the highway drool over your weapon of mass ecstasy safely nestled on the back of your trucks trailer, but it’s just not in keeping with the aesthetic charms of that gorgeous classic floating behind you.

Well, how about sacking in that bare aluminum eye sore and getting yourself a real way to transport your pride and joy? Perhaps a classic truck. Perhaps even a classic ramp truck. Enter this 1946 Chevrolet Cab Over Engine AK.

1946 Chevrolet COE AK Truck

A particularly unusual item on the road today, this lovingly restored AK series Chevrolet has undergone a huge transformation to what it would have looked like when it rolled out of the factory 72 years ago. This was the type of vehicle that helped the United States get back on the road to prosperity following the Second World War.

Finished in glistening black paintwork, this ramp truck hosts a whole load of upgrades to make it not only a secondary star to any show you take your classic to, but also a surprisingly easy vehicle to live with. The paintwork is complimented by a particularly subtle red coach line that matches the Chevrolet badging beautifully.

1946 Chevrolet COE AK Truck

Underneath that classic hood lies a behemoth of a power plant. A great Chevy Big Block 502 cubic-inch V8. This 8.2 liter engine, although not original as it was designed in the following decade during the 1950s, has been rebuilt to unequivocal perfection. Mated to a TH400 three speed automatic, it ensures that sir or madam needn’t go to the gym to work on their double clutching efforts, either.

Inside you will find period style bucket seats as opposed to the traditional bench seats, allowing for long haul comfort is turned up to eleven. In front of you lies a modern instrument set, along with fully power assisted steering and even power front disc brakes.

Surely this is the only way to travel to your next car show? We certainly think so. For more information on this stunning Chevrolet, visit the Motorious classifieds where it is listed at $79,995.

1946 Chevrolet COE AK Truck

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