Fancy Something New For Your CARavan Tour? A 1937 Packard Maybe

Mar 8, 2019 2 min read
Fancy Something New For Your CARavan Tour? A 1937 Packard Maybe

This 1937 Packard is known as being the creme de la creme of the era, complete with sumptuous V12 engine this is the one to have

Packard has always been a symbol of the finest the United States had to offer. Often seen as the Rolls Royce equivalent, it was never difficult to see why this comparison was common.

With exquisite detailing throughout, alongside the very best engineering solutions that was available at the time, these cars are both remarkably beautiful as well as delightfully simple.

Packard enjoyed humble beginnings as a family enterprise, with hardware stores and even electrical devices being part of their roadmap to the car industry. With an initial vehicle produced as a ‘horseless carriage’ they were soon chasing more luxurious motoring, one example of which is this particularly sought after 1937 Packard 1508 Twelve Dietrich Convertible. Quite a few letters and numbers to wrap your head around.

1937 Packard 1508 Dietrich Twelve

The engine in this stunning example is the 473 cubic-inch V12, pushing out the creamiest 175-horsepower ever witnessed. Connected to a three-speed manual transmission, these were among the first cars to have power assisted clutches, allowing for drivability to match the breathtaking visual impact. Throw in some power assisted drum brakes all round, as well as a particularly forward thinking independent suspension setup and you have all the proof you need of Packards engineering prowess.

The 1508 Twelve Convertible Sedan, like the car we have here, was the pinnacle of what Packard offered in 1937. A truly top of the range, no expense spared luxury flying carpet. 12 standard production designs were offered in the model range, however this one is, yet again, a cut above the rest. As a Dietrich-bodied vehicle is rarer still, offered as a custom design when the vehicle was ordered.

This Packard is a low mileage example at 63,000 miles on the clock. With an older restoration having been fulfilled, this car features fantastic patina, yet provides the opportunity for absolute usability. The vendor takes time to note that the previous owners have enjoyed numerous road trips, with some enjoying up to 1,300 miles of carefree adventure, undoubtedly assisted by the 4:06 ratio rear axle providing even smoother cruising.

For more information, visit the Classic Car Club classifieds, where this Packard is listed for $235,000.

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