Haul Everybody Using A 1929 Ford Model A School Bus

Sep 16, 2019 2 min read
Haul Everybody Using A 1929 Ford Model A School Bus

Kick it “olde school” in style.

It’s really pretty amazing the things the Ford Model A was used to do back in the day. A truly diverse, tough-as-nails, hardworking American vehicle, it filled plenty of roles in the economy. One particularly interesting example is this 1929 Ford Model A Custom School Bus. It features a custom body that was typical of what was used in many rural parts of North America to transport children during the 1920s and 1930s to the local schoolhouse. Now you can buy this unique classic, injecting some serious fun into your car collection.

Haul Everybody Using A 1929 Ford Model A School Bus

Bring this classic Ford Model A to any event and you’re guaranteed to have everyone talking as soon as you come into view. There’s no missing that bright yellow school bus exterior, complete with “Olde School Bus” written in black lettering on the sides and in yellow across the front of the raised roof. That lettering is done in vinyl, so you can remove it and add whatever you like.

As is the case with any quality custom build, the details are everything, and this one doesn’t skimp. Emergency red lights mounted to the vehicle add just a little more authenticity to this bus. The chrome stone guard for the grille adds a nice high-end element, matching the headlight surrounds and eyebrows. A fantastic chrome quail ornament is fun. Even the windshield brow, which has been painted yellow to match the roof and other body panels, really adds a subtle touch to this ride.

Fold down the custom rear step for access to the rear seating. Up to 10 people can fit back there at a time, so this ride could be just as much a party bus. The roof isn’t too high, plus this Ford is pretty short, so garaging it to keep this classic out of the elements shouldn’t be a problem.

Driving this Ford is a blast. The 4-cylinder and 4-speed manual transmission work great. You’ll also find the cab has an authentic setup with the gauge cluster, steering wheel, and gear shift. To make an offer on this ride, contact Volo Auto Museum.

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