1965 Pontiac GTO: American Icon For Sale In Canada

Sep 16, 2019 1 min read
1965 Pontiac GTO: American Icon For Sale In Canada

The 1965 Pontiac GTO represents a refresh in the first generation of the gorgeous Pontiacs.

With GMs ban on factory sponsored racing in 1963, Pontiac began placing an emphasis on street performance. The division's new advertising and marketing approach lead to the creation of what some consider to be the beginning of the race for the baddest muscle car between the big three American auto manufacturers.

The GTO began life as an option package for the 1964 Le Mans eventually becoming a separate vehicle entirely in 1966. However, it was the restyling for the 1965 GTO that created the platform that shaped the rest of the first generation and secured the GTO as Pontiacs most iconic muscle car.

32,450 GTOs were sold in 1964 and in 1965 that number more than doubled, but today these cars are somewhat rarely seen and hard to find in their original form, with low mileage, and up to factory standards. Every now and then we gear heads do catch a break though. Like with this beautiful, red 1965 Pontiac GTO convertible being offered by Autoform out of Vancouver, Canada.

While it is plain to see from the interior that it is fairly original, it is also clear that it has been well taken care of. Additionally, with only 62,000 KM, or roughly 38,525 miles, on the 389 CI engine and standard 3 speed automatic transmission and an asking price of $63,400 CAD ($47,363 USD), it is quite the catch for the muscle car enthusiast or classic car collector alike.

Vancouver’s newest premium vehicle dealer, Autoform takes pride in selling top quality automobiles at competitive prices in a personalized environment. With an extensive inventory of near perfect premium cars and SUVs worth well over $4,000,000, from classic to nearly new, that have been hand picked and reconditioned to factory standards and a staff that strives to build a relationship with their customers instead of forcing a sale, they are confident you will find your dream car.

Source: Autoform

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