Twin Supercharged 427 'Super Snake' Cobra By ERA Could Be Yours For Practically Nothing!

Feb 3, 2022 1 min read
Twin Supercharged 427 'Super Snake' Cobra By ERA Could Be Yours For Practically Nothing!

As a reader, you get more chances to win.

Twin, as in double the fun, superchargers make this 427 "Super Snake" Cobra by ERA a bonkers roadster. Can you imagine owning one? What if you could bring one home for practically nothing? Does that dream sound too good to be true? It’s a reality as a Motorious reader; you get more entries to win this mind-blowing Twin Supercharged 427 "Super Snake" Cobra by ERA for a donation as little as $25! To sweeten the deal, you get more entries with donations as a thank you to our Motorious readers.

ERA #704 is a special build. It is finished in Deep Metallic Blue with competition white stripes. Additionally, it sports a hood scoop, thermal coated side pipes, chrome roll bar, competition Monza gas cap and bumper eliminating jack pads. Cobra Automotive came up with a compact version of the twin Paxton supercharger that would fit under the S/C hood scoop without having to add a massive hood scoop that would distract from the appeal of the Cobra.

When you slide behind the wheel, you’ll note the interior is quite the impressive setting as well. It features period correct black seats, black carpet, Stewart Warner gauges, and Moto Lita wood wrapped aluminum steering wheel.

Incredibly, this car has had only one owner since being built to the specifications you see here by Cobra Automotive. You could be the second owner, what are you waiting on? All you have to do is donate for more chances to win this  Twin Supercharged 427 "Super Snake" Cobra by ERA now.

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